Spearfishing Indonesia Mangrove Jack : Tips and Experince with special quest Shaun Miles


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Mangrove jack for us is 5 star fish, is a highly regarded table fish with firm, sweet-tasting, white flesh. It could be challneging to target them but with the right approach and technique they could be easily your meal. Our Spearfishing and Freediving footage are from the best spot in all around the islands of Bali. Note that ALL the fish caught in this video was consumed during the trip and all the extra fish was shared among each other and Friends. The video was filmed all across South Bali on many locations..

Follow us on a journey to hunt the amazing trophy Tropical Reef fish species of Indonesia.

Thank you to everyone that make our trip Happen! All Dive Gear And Speargun Supplier by AndreSpearguns. https://andrespearguns.com/

We hope our videos will inspire anyone to live the incredible Spearfishing Life and life it to the fullest!

Thank you:
Andre Wicaksana @andrespearguns
Shaun Miles
Trevor Hawkins

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Peter Oprandi @peteroprandi

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All equipment spearfishing equipment are Andrespearguns:
Carbon 120 Speargun (reel medium + 50 M Dyneema Line)
Inverter Roller 135

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