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I'm Denzil Fernandes, welcome to our channel Bluefin BustR

About this video_
In this video I saw a big barramundi but it didn't gave me good chance to take a shot at same day I shot blubber lip snapper at 15m of water, gun pressure was at 18psi it was pretty long shot, spear nailed it threw before he escaped!
till then see u in my next video.

Spearfishing is sustainable way of catching only what you want! Taking out fishes from their misery at once rather then letting them die outside water, Become a part of our underwater Fishing, Spearfishing & Freediving Community!

I hope my videos are a source of joy and positivity and inspire you to Live the Spearfishing & Fishing Life and all that goes with it!

Подводная охота ВИДЕО 2021 Места для подводной охоты

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